Monday, 12 June 2017

Manaiakalani Digital Immersion Intensive - Day 6

As usual we started our session with a report back from the week. This is always a great way to start because although we are all learning the same content at this course, it is great to listen to the creative ways other teachers are implementing this new learning in their classes.

Visibility is a great tool for our students to share their learning with their whanau. It is important to set our default to 'public' to enable learning to be visible to all.

We used a Chromecast to cast and share our sites today. This was another great learning opportunity because although we use our Chromecast at home, I had never thought about using it in the classroom - that is something I definitely want to try this week!

Building a site was the hardest but probably most satisfying task to date! Here are the instructions to build your own site - give it a go!

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